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May 30

5 Simple Dinner Ideas to Kick Off Summer

No need to overthink dinner when the sun is shining and school is out! Get your week started with meatballs and fried catfish, then finish things off with cauliflower gnocchi, pork chops, and BBQ pizza! Continue reading “5 Simple Dinner Ide…

May 23

Weekly Meal Plan: 5 Dinner Ideas to Prep Ahead

Simplify dinner by using a different cooking technique or tool! Dust off that slow cooker, break out that new air fryer, or transform your favorite sandwich into a casserole. Continue reading “Weekly Meal Plan: 5 Dinner Ideas to Prep Ahead…

May 16

Weekly Meal Plan: 5 Worldly Dinner Ideas

Cook with a worldly mindset and try some of the fusion dinner ideas lined up for this week’s meal plan! Explore different flavors and cuisines all from the comfort of your own kitchen. Finish the week off with baking project: Tres Leches Cake…

May 09

Weekly Meal Plan: 5 Easy Dinner Ideas

This week’s meal plan is all about keeping it simple. Hand over the meal plan to the kids or the non-cook in the house and let them whip up any or all of these easy weeknight dinners. Continue reading “Weekly Meal Plan: 5 Easy Dinner Ideas…

May 02

Weekly Meal Plan: 5 Low-Stress Dinners

This meal plan is all about making dinner as easy as possible. Lots of swaps and suggestions to use what you have on hand will make this week’s weeknight dinners a snap to make! Continue reading “Weekly Meal Plan: 5 Low-Stress Dinners” »

Apr 25

5 Hearty Dinner Ideas

This week’s meal plan ensures everyone leaves the table with full bellies and happy hearts. Filling casseroles, hearty soup, plus a sizeable salad, sure to please. Continue reading “5 Hearty Dinner Ideas” »

Apr 18

5 Recipes to Spice up Dinner

This week’s meal plan makes the most of your spice drawer. Create simple, pantry meals that are packed full of flavor using what you have on hand. Continue reading “5 Recipes to Spice up Dinner” »

Apr 11

Weekly Meal Plan: 5 Pantry Dinner Ideas

In this week’s meal plan, we are using the food we already have on hand to make new meals the whole family loves. Short grocery lists and full bellies make for a happy mama. Continue reading “Weekly Meal Plan: 5 Pantry Dinner Ideas” »

Apr 04

5 Dinner Ideas to Welcome Spring

This week’s meal plan reminds us that we can enjoy fresh, seasonal flavors at the dinner table. I’m especially excited for Three-Cheese Pesto Lasagna and Pork Chops with Dijon Sauce served with a side of Smashed New Potatoes with Garlic and C…

Mar 28

This Week’s Meal Plan: 5 Simple Weeknight Dinners

This week’s meal plan recipes have either short ingredient lists, can be made ahead of time or are on the table in thirty minutes or less. Incredibly delicious, homemade dinners for the win! Continue reading “This Week’s Meal Plan: 5 …

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