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Dec 04

How To Make Mayonnaise in a Blender or Food Processor

Whipping up a batch of homemade mayonnaise is easy-peasy in either the blender or a food processor. With this step-by-step guide you’ll be a mayo master in no time! Continue reading “How To Make Mayonnaise in a Blender or Food Processor” »

Nov 26

Should You Buy a Blender or a Food Processor?

Shopping for small appliances and not sure which one to get? We run down the pros and cons of blenders and food processors (plus immersion blenders!) so you can figure out which one is best for you. Continue reading “Should You Buy a Blende…

Nov 21

5 Easy Tips for Setting a Gorgeous Thanksgiving Table

Wondering how to decorate your Thanksgiving table? It’s easy—we promise! From flowers to place cards, here’s what we recommend for beautiful, budget-friendly Thanksgiving table decor! Continue reading “5 Easy Tips for Setting a Gorgeous Tha…

Nov 20

How To Use an Air Fryer: A First-Timer’s Guide

New to air frying? We’ll walk you through everything you need to know—from how it works, to the best foods to cook in an air fryer, how to clean an air fryer, and other helpful tips for getting the most out of your air fryer! Continue read…

Nov 05

How to Shave Time off your Thanksgiving Prep

It’s almost Thanksgiving! The biggest cooking day of the year looms, and we’ve gathered our best tips for helping you shave time off your kitchen prep this year. Continue reading “How to Shave Time off your Thanksgiving Prep” »

Oct 24

The Simply Recipes Guide to Coconut Oil

Curious about coconut oil? We’ve got the scoop! From the different types of coconut oil available to how to swap coconut oil for butter in baking (great for vegan desserts!), consider this your guide to using coconut oil in your cooking. Co…

Oct 15

The Best Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter

Tired of stirring your natural peanut butter? We tried four other methods to mix it up and found a definite winner. It’s practically hands-off and totally mess-free! Continue reading “The Best Way to Mix Natural Peanut Butter” »

Oct 14

What is Natural Peanut Butter?

How is natural peanut butter different than conventional peanut butter? Why does it separate? Can you bake with it? Get answers to all these questions and more! Continue reading “What is Natural Peanut Butter?” »

Oct 08

The Simply Recipes Guide to Vanilla

From vanilla beans to vanilla extracts, our Guide to Vanilla gets you in the know on one of the world’s most expensive seasonings. Continue reading “The Simply Recipes Guide to Vanilla” »

Oct 06

How to Break Down Chicken Wings

Making a batch of chicken wings? Save yourself some money by buying whole chicken wings and breaking them into pieces yourself. It’s easy! Here’s how. Continue reading “How to Break Down Chicken Wings” »

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